“May you live in interesting times” was the title for Venice Biennale 2019 curated by  Ralph Rugoff. These words echo thunderously in our heads now, as yes we live today in very interesting moments. Any future plan has to be filtered through a new reality that’s nothing but uncertain. At madfaber we believe in the Homo faber, the man or woman, capable of controlling its own fate through actions and the use of tools. So being able to experiment, understand, learn and control materials and processes has kept us moving the last two months and will drive our path out.

Never stopping, madfaber has been working on different fronts, acquiring knowledge and expanding capacities, with new materials experimentations, CNC routing on different mediums,3D printing and working with artists on digital intermediation of their ideas as well as setting up some new interesting collaborations for a sustainable future..

The year started with lots of activity, preparing for ARCO2020 art fair in Madrid, keeping the studio  busy working on a big number of projects through different venues with artists from all parts of the globe.  The collaboration with african artist Pascale Marthine Tayou  at Galeria Javier Lopez & Fer Frances consisting in 3 enormous installations at the gallerie’s space in La Florida, including 3.000 hand carved pieces to generate an sculptural mural ceiling that work as an immersive sky for his Bossa Bossa show.

Another piece created in collaboration with Pascale was a 6 meters tall sculpture with traditional Spanish ceramic vases from Talavera de la Reina. Inspired by the past, rethinking tradition and presenting it with a new approach and engineered display, “… you need to take a step back to prepare for a big jump forward” on Pascale’s words.

With great expectations this spring Espacio Valverde gallery presented the work of artist Carmen Mora, summarized in a set of 11 pieces result of a one year long collaboration with the studio. Exploring ways and materials to present her study on nature invasions over human space. The mediums explored on this show range from pigmented concrete pieces to liquid brass, cooper and tin. Interacting with mix materials like inserted glass and stones creating some hanging sculptures that grow naturally, flowing from the ceiling of the gallery.

Testing new systems and technology to generate great 3D information for artists and institutions is also key for the studio and we had a couple of sessions of 3D scanning with Artek Sytems that has proved to be fast and versatile, providing some interesting digital data that’s being studied now.

2020 also started with the production of a piece for Maria Loboda’s show at Galerie Thomas Schulte that allowed us to walk freely in the forest searching for the right woods, roots and branches to make this chair based on the work by Karl-Gräser.

Spanish artist Rosana Antoli’s sculptural installation at Centro Centro is another example of how the transformation of an obsessive idea of an artist into an object has many loops and twists until the final piece is realised. Experimenting with resins, pigments and metals, searching for ways to present an infinite loop of frozen material, water inside water. The result is at Madrid’s art center and as a first piece has a bright future as a process and gesture presentation.

This exquisite Gandhāra piece, dated around 1st Century BC, was brought to the studio as its owner needed to have a conservation facsimile that could be displayed on different spaces and venues without compromising the original object.  The result works as an object that can be shown, moved and studied without any risk or compromise to the original relief, providing the same level and quality of information of the original.

New York based artist Carlos Irijalba remotely directed the installation of one of his pieces, during ARCO2020 at Galeria Juan Silio, as he was back home, having his first child. Before the times of remote work, We managed to arrange this very complex piece consisting of over a ton of stone cores and metal profiles with great success.

Following up with our collaboration with hyperactive artist Luis Gordillo we are immersed in the finishing of a permanent installation that will be unveiled at Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid. The piece, a commision by the Jose Tomás foundation, constitutes a tribute to Victor Barrio and will bring a new approach to the tradition of ceramic tiles and image reproduction to this unique and emblematic space. His working attitude, good spirit and sense of humor is the best sample and source of inspiration we can have.

Basically a studio that never stops, always active, always curious, testing new materials, learning process and expand its knowledge through action. Mixing contemporary technology like laser cutting, CNC routing and 3d printing with historic and new materials and process. Action and research to find the best possible way to materialize an idea.


Madrid, May 2020.

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