Rafa Macarron CAC 2021.

Teresa Solar
Osteoclast 2021.
Installation of 5 large scale sculptures.
Liverpool Biennial.

Liverpool, February 2021.

Rafa Macarron CAC 2021.

Rafa Macarron
Quince 2021.
4 large scale Bronce sculptures.
CAC Málaga.

Málaga, Marzo 2021.

Rafa Macarron CAC 2021.

Palacio de Boadilla del Monte
Infante Don Luis bust.
2D modeled bust in white Carrara Marble.

Boadilla del Monte, 2021.

Rafa Macarron CAC 2021.

Javier Fresneda
Tropical hardwood table

CA2M Madrid

Bossa Bossa 2020.

Cyril de Commarque
Composite resin egg with mirror polished brass layer and stainless mirror structure.
Saatchi Gallery, London, November 2019.

Bossa Bossa 2020.

Pascale Marthine Tayou
Bossa Bossa, 2020.
3 installation pieces, various materials.
Galeria Javier López & Fer Francés.

Madrid, February 2020.

Bossa Bossa 2020.

Cyril de Commarque
Stainless mirror installation.
Saatchi Gallery, London, November 2019.

Peter Newman
mirror polished Alluminum bronce.
Canary Wharlf, London December 2019.

Project Lord abandoned

María Loboda
Lord abandoned.
composite scuplutres, cloth and pvc.
Biennale Venezia, may 2019.

Project Floor piece

Henry Hudson
Nothing sticks to Nothing, floor piece.
Hanna Barry gallery, London January 2019.

Project Seals

María Loboda
Mirror polished bronce.
Galería Maisterravalbuena Arco 2019.

Project Young warrior

María Loboda
Young warrior.
Steel and polyurethane.
Biennale Venezia, may 2019.

Colección Solo
USB case.
CNC milled alluminium, magnets and brass fittings.

Project Decoration for a slaughterhouse

Manuel Franquelo
Decoration for a slaughterhouse.
3d prtinted concreted beam and stucco marble spheres.
Twin gallery, ARCO Madrid 2019.

Project Hoffental dormido

Newton’s cenothaph
White marble.
Madrid, 2018.

Project Iredescent candelabrum

Iredescent candelabrum.
Casa Loewe, Milán april 2019.

Maria Loboda
Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlín 2019.

Project Lord abandoned

Diana Fonseca
Paper, cardbox, cloth.
Fondation Brownstone, Paris, May 2019.

Project Montaña de sal

Francoise Vanneraud
Montaña de sal.
Galería Ponce Robles, Madrid november 2018.

The Choosen 2019

María Loboda
The Chosen, 2019.
Metal sheet and alabaster.
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.

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